Valentina Brostean was born in 1983 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Currently based in Turin, Italy. Brostean holds a BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Illustration from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Novi Sad.

Brostean is a inter-disciplinary visual artist with over 15 years of experience in the creative world, working both with traditional and digital mediums. Her bold, colorful style, often described as “new contemporary figuration” is striking for its use of courageous, unexpected compositions, a bold color palette and unique, striking imagery! In her personal work she has been strongly inspired by all the aspects of human nature- exploring subconscious, emotional states, dreams, real and the surreal. Brostean is master in deconstructing the obvious reality in order to reconstruct it again. She has developed her own, very personal technique and style – the result of a perpetual journey, a constant search for identity and complexity of meanings. When it comes to the field of applied art, Brostean has specialized in editorial and fashion illustration, applying her well known playful mixed media technique moslty in magazine and book illustrations, experimenting often with collage, using both traditional and digital media.

Brostean has always aimed towards powerful and original solutions for creative clients who don’t shy away from pushing boundaries, by exploring bold aesthetics and surprising outputs across all platforms. Her widely recognizable style has established her as one of the emerging contemporary artists appreciated by selected international clients such as Armani Exchange, The Washington Post, Il Corriere Della Sera, Bicycle USA and Kabinet Brewery, amongst many others. Her work has been published in numerous books, magazines and publications from around the world such as Juxtapose, Nakid, Depthcore, New Web Pick, Nurant etc. Since 2006 she has exhibited her work in a variety of exhibitions, ranging from personal to group exhibitions throughout Europe (Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK) as well as in theThe Middle East and the United States.

This website is a section devoted just to her numerous project related exclusively to fine art.