Homecoming – coming to self! To be lost and found in this perpetual journey of life, seaking, exploring, understanding, composing and decomposing reality! This project explores the question of self identity trough a form of raw and striking expressive figuration combined with very intimate imagery. Strongly inspired by the personal ghosts emerging from subconscious, emotional states, dreams, and the unexplainable metaphysics of life.. How the face of a lost and found identity looks like nowadays, in this world that makes us migrate, change, adapt, suffer and utterly survive it all. We fall and rise in order to do it all over again! This project looks to evoke transitional moments, like dawn and dusk, containing illuminating and eternal qualities. This timelessness is tracing journeys and rituals, histories and secrets. Nostalgic and empathetic, this project ultimately speaks of human experience.

It was like a discreet entourage
Of homegrown angels and demons
All of whom I had met before
And had since largely forgotten.
In time of danger, they made themselves scarce.
Where did they all vanish to?”

My Noiseless Entourage, 2005, Charles Simic

Absurd phenomenons of the ordinary life, in space
Absurd phenomenons of the ordinary life
ancestors, art in context
Ancestors, grandparents
Artist is sacrificed, detail