Migration of the souls /

The etymology of the word migration – migration is a movement to another place, often of a large group of people or animals. I have migrated from Serbia to Italy in 2012. My “migration” was a personal and private decision that didn’t have anything to do with the current political or social situation in my country – Serbia, a place where I was born, raised, and educated.

Many people do not have the privilege to migrate only for personal reasons as a result of an individual conscious choice. Humans nowadays migrate because they are forced to do so due to the political, social, economical, or environmental reasons, often they do not have even the slightest possibility of making a conscious act of choosing for themselves! Migration is a very actual topic in today’s disrupted post-liberal world, but also an ancient fact related to the simple fact of being human in a need of change, in a need of discovery, in a need to share and spread the ancient stories and learn new ones. Humans were always on the move, everything is cyclical since the beginning of times!  I am very interested in the complexity of meanings that can be interpreted by this word. My intention is to explore it through many different lenses of reading with a focus on emotional and personal perception. Do I feel as a migrant, aren’t we all migrants in a certain broader historical context? Beyond the necessity of political and social migrations I was interested in exploring the meaning of migration as a matter of independent personal choice, migration in a form of an internal need for change,  migration as a choice of asylum towards the so-called “objective visible reality”, migration as an act of personal rediscovery – journey to the depths of the soul and internal spiritual being. I am interested to present and preserve the invisible emotional state of the subjects including their struggle, dreams, and horrors, but also their courage, vision, faith and bonds they create. This struggle becomes more a struggle of whole humanity than a struggle of the individual. The topic becomes universal.